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A list oriented YouTube app. I found easy to use YouTube downloaders, but none of them actually facilitate playlists, requiring manual work. I wanted a solution that would let me grab entire playlists. GrabTube also provides a way to steadily watch your subscription feed as new content is uploaded without babysitting the YouTube website. Create an unattended video streaming website of a subscription feed. Requirements: Windows 32 or 64 bit, .NET framework 4.5, and an internet connection.

Download Latest (Downloaded 30 times.)

To use GrabTube download the zip file, extract the contents, and run GrabTube.exe


grab playlist libraries
grab public or private playlists
handles all playlist types, including liked, watch later, favorites, history, subscriptions, and custom playlists.
grab single videos
retains description and metadata
search & sort grabbed videos
feedwatch - continuously grab & play new subscriptions feed uploads as they arrive
feedwatch web based streaming server

future items:

update checker

known bugs:

UI - playlist status sometimes isn't updated
UI - an IE window appears and then vanishes before and during some operations


added feedwatch web based streaming server
improved feedwatch strategy
added feedwatch - continuously grab & play new subscriptions feed uploads as they arrive
fixed some of the window flashes
added search
added custom sorting
fixed minor bug - "{DependencyProperty.UnsetValue} - {DependencyProperty.UnsetValue}" in description pane when no video is selected
fixed status message not updating
fixed mouse wheel scroll for description
changed video sort default to uploaded,downloaded
better handling of existing file and unavailable video metadata

Old Versions:

Version 0.23
Version 0.22
Version 0.21
Version 0.2
Version 0.1